Ivy Ramanauskas is one of the newest Nan & Cola cast memebers and family members of the Ramanauskas tribe! Lorenne gave birth to Ivy shortly before the Christmas Special was launched and made her grand debut in Nan & Cola: Fibreglass Island!

Ivy Ramanauskas' Nan & Cola Movie HistoryEdit

Merry Christmas from Nan & Cola (as ?, 2010)

Nan & Cola: Fibreglass Island (2011)

Ivy Ramanauskas Facts!Edit

- Ivy's Mum, Lorenne, was pregnant when Joel made the Christmas Special so she was credited as a question mark! Ivy was born before the Christmas Special was launched.

- Ivy can be seen in Fibreglass Island when Nan & Cola enter to ask Joel if they can go to Paris. Ivy and Max are playing happily on the floor.