Peter King is Nan and Cola's cousin, the youngest son of Samantha and David King.

Peter made his debut in Nan & Cola: The Movie where he devised a plan to track down Cola, which involved he and his brothers dressing up as women. Suddenly, his female counterpart, Peta, was born!

Peter King's Nan & Cola Movie HistoryEdit

Nan & Cola: The Movie (as Peter/Peta, 2010)

Merry Christmas from Nan & Cola (2010)

Peter King FactsEdit

- Peter has stated that he doesn't like his Sim Look-A-Like, he says he looks like 'Daffyd from Little Britain.'

- Peter's Sim gets used alot behind the scenes, due to his intelligence, Peter's Sim has the ability to bore people to death. So whenever the script calls for someone to die or be knocked over, Peter is called in for his services!

- When the Christmas Special was going to be an adaptation of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol, Peter was set to play Tiny Tim, but the movie was scrapped for the Christmas Special.